Anthracite Radiators and Towel Rails

Designer radiators in anything other than white used to be seen in magazines or show homes and occasionally in your mega loaded friends house.

However due to the incredible rise in popularity of anthracite coloured radiators the price is now affordable to all and the look created by them is truly amazing. 

You only have to look on instagram for hashtags like  #greyhomedecor to see how beautiful homes look when furnished with grey and anthracite colours. 

Here at Designer Rads UK we have one of the largest ranges of Designer Anthracite Radiators, Towel rails and even radiator valves.

Flat Panel Anthracite Radiators

Flat Paneled Anthracite Radiators like our Julietta Horizontal and Julietta Vertical range offer a sleek design and even heat distribution across all of the flat panel. 

If you like flat paneled radiators but wanted to break up the look then the Lorenza Vertical range is perfect for you. Available as a single paneled radiator or double paneled radiator this range allows you to give that strong anthracite look whilst ensuring any BTU output requirements are met. The Lorenza Electric is also perfect for installations where there is no gas or for an easier installation.


A personal favourite of mine is the Sofia range of horizontal and vertical anthracite radiators because of the textured finish. It glistens and makes the radiator look really expensive even though they are not! The sofia range of anthracite radiators are available as single horizontal, double horizontal, double horizontal with vertical tubes, single vertical and double vertical, so you can find one for every type of installation.

 Problem solvers!

If you want to save space on the centre of the wall or if a corner of your room never seems to get warm then the Apollonia corner radiator is for you. 

If you want to get ready for that big night out or you just want a great looking radiator that looks right back at you then the Apollonia mirror radiator is available in textured anthracite too.

Towel Rails

We have a wide range of towel rails on offer to suit every type of look and installation requirement. Towel rails will always be popular in the UK but the difference between chrome and anthracite is that anthracite conducts heat better so its not only warm to the touch to dry towels but it will also heat the room better than chrome ones do. 

The standard ladder rails of the Dolomite anthracite towel rail range are the most easily affordable and therefore the most popular. Available in three different heights and 3 different widths. 

Square look towel rails give that strong look to the bathroom and we have the Luisa range and the Serena range offering different twists on this look. 

The Martina range is new for 2019 and features the same textured anthracite colour of the Sofia range mentioned earlier. It has a slight curve to the rail which gives it a really classy look and finish.

To finish off our look at anthracite radiators and towel rails we need to look at radiator and towel rail valves. It seems a no brainer to add anthracite radaitor valves to finish off the look of your radiator or towel rail and we offer everything needed for installation onto existing central heating systems.

We have square and round valves in angled and straight versions and corner valves too.